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Property in cyprus

Our client, Vitaliy K. The client has a large family two minor children, a spouse and 2 dependent parents whom he wanted to include the application. Vitaliy was also interested in visa-free travels to Canada. The main objective was to buy property in a favorable country. The client knew that among the available European citizenship by investment programs he could choose between Malta and Cyprus.

He was looking for a company that would help him make his choice and select the appropriate real estate item for obtaining citizenship. Both options involve the ownership of real estate, however in Malta the main part of the investment amount goes for a donation to the government fund that is not quite profitable.

In Cyprus, the entire amount is invested in real estate, which may be sold in 3 years with maintenance of citizenship. Secondly, in Malta the application process takes approximately 14 months, and in Cyprus it takes about months. Also in Cyprus, the process of obtaining passports is not as complicated as in Malta. It should be borne in mind that the passport of Cyprus allows you to open a long-term visa to the United States, if needed.

Choosing real property in Cyprus is not that easy since many objects are overvalued due to the passport program. In Cyprus the real property market is overheated. Since the amount of land in Cyprus is limited, its value is increased. Number of real estate purchase transactions with foreigners in Cyprus from to In order to avoid buying overpriced real estate, you must choose an object with great care, using the assistance of professionals. One option was a project under construction, consisting of 3 villas in Limassol.

The project involved two investment options: full or partial ownership. The investor, if desired, can keep the ownership of the villa for personal use or for resale. Full ownership means that the investor purchases all 3 villas. A detailed calculation of income and a description of the project are provided in this article.

Information note: Real property may be leased out thus bringing additional income. Such good objects are difficult to find without having a local affiliate on the island; they are not always available on the websites of real estate companies. Before proceeding to application process for the citizenship of Cyprus , the client needs to buy real estate. The process of buying real property consists of several stages:. After buying real estate, you can start preparing a package of documents for citizenship.

For Vitaliy, we prepared a package of documents in 20 days. In early March , the case was submitted. The whole application process up to receiving passports took 7 months. Information note: On average, the actual duration of consideration of applications in Cyprus ranges from 6 to 8 months. Sometimes additional documents may be requested: confirmation of the origin of funds, utility bills, affidavits notarized explanations in case of disputable situations , confirmation of financial solvency, consent to grant citizenship to a child from the second parent, etc.

Therefore it is necessary to provide only truthful data. Having analyzed different objects, the client made his choice in favor of purchasing real estate in Limassol for the following reasons:. Fancy photographs on websites often do not reflect the actual situation. We recommend selecting several objects before arriving to Cyprus, so that you could inspect them on site and see for yourself what their condition is.

In addition to real estate, we recommend paying attention to the following factors when choosing a program:. Only collaboration with specialists who have extensive experience working with different programs will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

Case description Azamat S. Citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis via property purchase. Case description Our client, Alexey V. He was spending most of his time outside of Russia running his IT business. It was inconvenient for him to return to the country each time to get new visas. Case description Our client, Suleiman S. The client spends a lot of time outside his native country, and it is very inconvenient for him to permanently […]. Case description Our client, Vitaliy K. The […].

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Ок We use cookies to make Migronis website a better place. Cookies help to improve user experience and analyze the traffic. To learn more, check out our Cookie Policy. Kristina Kurkuliak. Content Which programs were considered Comparison of the citizenship programs of Cyprus and Malta Why did the client make his choice in favor of the Cyprus program?

Сдача комплекса запланирована на февраль года. Строящиеся резиденция расположилась в красочном районе Искеле в минутках от городка Фамагусты. А всем узнаваемый пляж Лонг Бич находится в 5 минутках езды. Резиденция состоит из 7 десятиэтажных блоков. In days you will visit all the properties selected for you and get to know North Cyprus. Организация поездки:подбор билетов,трансфер из аэропота, проживание в апартаментах у моря. Экскурсия по Северному Кипру:посещение самых прекрасных мест и достопримечательностей острова, школ и институтов, а также мест по запросу клиента.

Обзор недвижимости:просмотр проверенных и юридически безопасных объектов недвижимости. Полное сопровождение сделки купли-продажи: юридическая поддержка на всех шагах сделки. Property in Northern Cyprus for you and your family We have hundreds of offers! Guzelyurt Kyrenia Lefkosha Famagusta All areas. During the construction phase New. Adam Homes.

Студия в 5 минутках от моря. Get in touch with North Cyprus now!!! Explore North Cyprus and search for properties using the Map Search. Northern Cyprus is a tourist destination full of historic sites, beautiful scenery, interesting towns and villages, excellent accommodation and friendly people.

Map Search. By Adam Homes. September 13, How to get to Northern Cyprus? September 2, Why North Cyprus is a great place to do yoga. Online Real Estate Buying. Iskele District. July 27, Water Sports in North Cyprus. July 26, There is often a question: what area to choose to live in North Cyprus? Buy a finished flat or one under construction? How do you grow your assets? Karmi village. Medicine in North Cyprus.

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Given this new procedure and the savings of thousands of Euros due to the abolition of transfer fees, now is the best time to buy property in Cyprus We have been forming companies in Cyprus for our clients for several years! Our packages include a complete set of all the necessary documentation to set up and start your business, and open a bank account.

We offer competitive prices, multilingual staff, full confidentiality and support from day one. Our team of experts is ready to help y Please fill free to use our website and explore new opportunities and increase profits for your Properties. Our Cyprus Property News section is regularly updated with the latest property news.

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Cyprus Property For Sale provides FREE property listing to all Cyprus Property Developers, Cyprus Real Estate Agents as well as individual property owners. For many people dream, it is a dream to buy property in Cyprus with its unique Mediterranean climate, affordable prices, cultural heritage and mature tourist industry. This country is safe and people who buy homes there can get. Why Choose Cyprus? Cyprus is an island located in the southeast of Greece. .serp-item__passage{color:#} At Fox Smart, we have thousands of properties and real estate available for purchase in Cyprus. Apartments, houses, office, shop, land plots, business and.