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Gothenburg швеция

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Gamlestaden — craft beverages and second hand heaven. Northeastern Gothenburg — a thriving culture scene and breathtaking nature. The Event District — always something going on. Frihamnen — a new neighbourhood on historic shipyard land. Redbergsplatsen — inspiring flavours and breathtaking skyline views. Vasastaden — campus life, art galleries and a tree-lined boulevard. The population increased tenfold in the century, from 13, to , Gothenburg is located on the west coast, in southwestern Sweden, about halfway between the capital cities of Copenhagen Denmark and Oslo Norway.

Despite its northerly latitude, temperatures are quite mild throughout the year and warmer than places at a similar latitude such as Stockholm ; this is mainly because of the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream. Precipitation is regular but generally moderate throughout the year. Snow mainly occurs from December to March, but is not unusual in November and April and can sometimes occur even in October and May.

Gothenburg has several parks and nature reserves ranging in size from tens of square meters to hundreds of hectares. It also has many green areas that are not designated as parks or reserves. Very few buildings are left from the 17th century when the city was founded, since all but the military and royal houses were built of wood. The first major architecturally interesting period is the 18th century when the East India Company made Gothenburg an important trade city. Imposing stone houses in Neo-Classical style were erected around the canals.

In the 19th century, the wealthy bourgeoisie began to move outside the city walls which had protected the city. The style now was an eclectic, academic, somewhat overdecorated style which the middle-class favoured. The working class lived in the overcrowded city district Haga in wooden houses. In the 19th century, the first comprehensive town plan after the founding of city was created, which led to the construction of the main street, Kungsportsavenyen.

The early 20th century, characterized by the National Romantic style, was rich in architectural achievements. Gustaf Adolf Square is a town square located in central Gothenburg. Noted buildings on the square include Gothenburg City Hall formerly the stock exchange, opened in and the Nordic Classicism law court. The main canal of Gothenburg also flanks the square. In , a major reconstruction was finished which brought the 19th-century building into the 21st century expanding the capacity for trains, travellers, and shopping.

It is 86 m ft high with 22 floors and coloured in red-white stripes. The skyscraper was designed by Ralph Erskine and built by Skanska in the late s as the headquarters for the company. It was completed in The architect Jan Izikowitz was inspired by the landscape and described his vision as "Something that makes your mind float over the squiggling landscape like the wings of a seagull. It was built in a neoclassical architecture towards the end of the 18th century. It is located in Vasastan and is built of granite in a neo-Romanesque style.

Another noted construction is Brudaremossen TV Tower , one of the few partially guyed towers in the world. The sea, trade, and industrial history of the city are evident in the cultural life of Gothenburg. Products shown include cars, trucks, marine engines, and buses. Universeum is a public science centre that opened in , the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. It is divided into six sections, each containing experimental workshops and a collection of reptiles, fish, and insects.

The most noted attraction is the amusement park Liseberg , located in the central part of the city. It is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia by number of rides, [91] and was chosen as one of the top ten amusement parks in the world by Forbes. There are a number of independent theatre ensembles in the city, besides institutions such as Gothenburg City Theatre , Backa Theatre youth theatre , and Folkteatern. The main boulevard is called Kungsportsavenyn commonly known as Avenyn , "The Avenue".

It is about 1 km 0. The Gustavus Adolphus pastry , eaten every 6 November in Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus Day , is especially connected to, and appreciated in, Gothenburg because the city was founded by King Gustavus Adolphus. The annual Gothenburg Film Festival , is the largest film festival in Scandinavia. The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is an annual festival since April , in central Gothenburg with thought-provoking science activities for the public.

The festival is visited by about , people each year. The event took place on 10—15 August Gothenburg has a diverse music community—the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the best-known in classical music. During the s, Gothenburg had strong roots in the Swedish progressive movement progg with such groups as Nationalteatern , Nynningen, and Motvind.

The record company Nacksving and the editorial office for the magazine Musikens Makt which also were part of the progg movement were located in Gothenburg during this time as well. There is also an active indie scene in Gothenburg. For example, the musician Jens Lekman was born in the suburb of Angered [] and named his release Night Falls Over Kortedala after another suburb, Kortedala.

Many music festivals take place in the city every year. The Metaltown Festival was a two-day festival featuring heavy metal music bands, held in Gothenburg. It used to be arranged annually since , taking place at the Frihamnen venue. As in all of Sweden, a variety of sports are followed, including football , ice hockey , basketball , handball , floorball , baseball , and figure skating.

A varied amateur and professional sports clubs scene exists. Gothenburg is the birthplace of football in Sweden as the first football match in Sweden was played there in The only Swedish heavyweight champion of the world in boxing, Ingemar Johansson , who took the title from Floyd Paterson in , was from Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is also home to the Gothenburg Sharks, a professional baseball team in the Elitserien division of baseball in Sweden. With around 25, sailboats and yachts scattered about the city, sailing is a popular sports activity in the region, particularly because of the nearby Gothenburg archipelago.

Gothenburg port has come to be the largest harbour in Scandinavia. Volvo Cars is the largest employer in Gothenburg, not including jobs in supply companies. Banking and finance are also important, as well as the event and tourist industry. Gothenburg became a city municipality with an elected city council when the first Swedish local government acts were implemented in Political legitimacy can be based on various factors: legality, due process, and equality before the law, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of public policy.

One method used to achieve greater legitimacy for controversial policy reforms such as congestion charges is to allow citizens to decide or advise on the issue in public referendums. In December a petition for a local referendum on the congestion tax, signed by 28, citizens, was submitted to the City Council. Gothenburg has two universities, both of which started as colleges founded by private donations in the 19th century.

The University of Gothenburg has about 38, students and is one of the largest universities in Scandinavia, [] and one of the most versatile in Sweden. In , there were 49 high schools in Gothenburg. Gothenburg also has a bus network. Boat and ferry services connect the Gothenburg archipelago to the mainland. The lack of a subway is due to the soft ground on which Gothenburg is situated.

Tunneling is very expensive in such conditions. The Gothenburg commuter rail with three lines services some nearby cities and towns. It is named after nearby locality Landvetter. Flygbussarna offer frequent bus connections to and from Gothenburg with travel time 20—30 minutes. The airport is operated by Swedish national airport operator Swedavia , and with 6. In total, there are about 50 destinations with scheduled direct flights to and from Gothenburg, most of them European.

An additional 40 destinations are served via charter. Commercial operations will be gradually wound down. It is located within the borders of Gothenburg Municipality. In addition to commercial airlines, the airport was also operated by a number of rescue services, including the Swedish Coast Guard, and was used for other general aviation.

Those companies have now been relocated to Landvetter Airport. Also freight ships to North America and East Asia leave from the port. Gothenburg is an intermodal logistics hub and Gothenburg harbour has access to Sweden and Norway via rail and trucks. Gothenburg harbour is the largest port in Scandinavia with a cargo turnover of Two of the noted people from Gothenburg are fictional, but have become synonymous with "people from Gothenburg".

Gothenburg is twinned with: []. With Lyon France there is no formal partnership, but "a joint willingness to cooperate". The agreement was allowed to lapse in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the city in Sweden.

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